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some updates – tarot

May 1, 2011

I will print 5 different decks for the tarot project: the allegories, another tarot of colour, the most recurrent symbols, the abstract one and the hybrids/engravings.

Below are some experiments for the most recurrent symbols. I still have to choose if I put the same number of symbols on all the cards or not.

I am also thinking about mixing up the ‘minimal’ decks such as below with the most recurrent symbols merged with the another tarot of colour. These experiments won’t be printed as cards (so far it’s not in my plans).

Finally, I am near completion of the hybrid/engraving deck —I need a title for this one. Below a summary of my research and a screenshot of the booklet (in progress) that will come with the deck.

What’s left to do is basically finishing the layout for the allegories and the most recurrent decks, design the title card and the back and finish the engraving/hybrids illustrations. I am hoping to have them done by tuesday afternoon so that I can send them to the printer before the weekend.


another tarot of colours

April 27, 2011